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Localization is the process of adapting software to different countries, languages, cultures or markets. We offer professional localization services for outsourcers, organizations, corporate and online businesses. Our experience in the field enables us to provide a complete localization service with the best linguistic quality possible, with very little effort from the client.

We localize from English and other major languages into Albanian, using our translation expertise and our location in Albania to your advantage. We know exactly what it means to adapt your project to another culture – and we are highly aware of the great attention to detail this requires.

Whatever your end client’s product development platform is, we can make its user interface available in Albanian, which will help in increasing revenue and market share. Additionally, the users will be more proficient – and ultimately more satisfied – using a product available with its user interface localized to their native language.

Reaching out to another market in a different country and ensuring values, beliefs and tone of voice is essential when localising your website, application, user interface, or software. It is not merely about translating, it is about appearing native to this country in order to achieve the best results.

We understand the significant returns that our clients can achieve if they publish their content simultaneously in multiple languages, leveraging the very significant investments they make in creativity, engineering and to create compelling and engaging content. We also know that those locally adapted experiences have to provide an experience as close to the original version as possible and that mere translation of the content in no way achieves this.