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More Services

Project management
We provide professional project management services, in order to ensure the successful implementation and execution of all initiatives. We are well placed to assist you with projects of all sizes and complexities. Our comprehensive project management service includes planning, execution, monitoring and reporting. We will work closely with you to provide the most appropriate and effective service with clearly defined goals and objectives.
We have an excellent reputation for successfully delivering projects on time, on budget and maintaining required quality standards. We ensure that our clients’ goals and business benefits are realised through a controlled, well-managed, visible set of activities to achieve the desired results.

Post-editing of machine translation
The benefits of machine translation rising cannot be left unnoticed. That is, instant translation of large volumes of text. Whether it is full post-editing or light post-editing you need, we can provide.

Quality control/assurance
The processes of Quality Control and Quality Assurance, although closely related are two different concepts. The context is an important part of language quality. The formality rules and context of the overall product affect the translation. When it pertains to a subject with specific terms (like sports or technology) the language can change. Language services are difficult to manage. To ensure quality, it is best to have a team with experience along your side. We can handle the last steps of translation or localization as native speakers of Albanian language.

Linguistic validation
We provide language validation of documents, audios, videos, products and tools. From the language validation of simple documents to language validation of complicated products, information and tools to the localization of software, apps and websites. We have also an expertise in localizing of technical multimedia presentations to world-wide and specific target audiences, for real-time interpreting for interactive workshops and seminars.

Data testing/validation
We are ready to help you validate all your consumer and business data to ensure integrity of your database. Whether you need database integrity verification or inconsistency checks, we will deliver exceptional results on any request. This will generate a greater return on investment, ensure compliance and protect the end client’s reputation.

Brandname check
Any company marketing a product or service globally needs to make sure its brand name will be appropriate because your brand name is your first chance to make an impression on a potential customer. It is very important that you examine the name carefully to determine that it means exactly what it means in another culture. We have the knowhow to ensure that our clients can avoid certain setbacks and costly mistakes when launching a business internationally. We’ll provide a questionnaire or a full report, which will be the reliable resource for your decision-making process.