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This website is operated by AlbTranslations sh.p.k., a company registered in Albania, with registration number L82127013I.

Purpose and Scope

AlbTranslations is committed to the provision of quality language services. This involves, in part, making reasonable efforts that AlbTranslations ascertains the services and information about those services are provided in a manner that is accurate, professional, and timely. This policy on language services is designed to promote quality and proficient services for clients.


AlbTranslations agrees to offer language services to the client against the payment delineated by agreement.

The language services will be provided by AlbTranslations with accuracy, quality and implementing latest technology, as projected, required and agreed within such industry framework.

The language services will be offered by AlbTranslations under the terms and conditions enumerated in agreement. AlbTranslations ensures to adhere to estimated delivery schedule as delineated in quotation. However, AlbTranslations holds no firm accountability; whatsoever, financial or otherwise, in wake of mentioned estimated delivery schedule is not achieved due to Force Majeure.

AlbTranslations will take due initiative to apprise the client of any delay in the estimated delivery schedule, and in the same tone propose a revised estimated delivery schedule to the Client.

In case of reasons of delay, other than those inflicted by Force Majeure, the client is bound (within twenty days of the date of receipt of the notification) to make known to AlbTranslations in writing about the termination of the agreement entered with AlbTranslations.

Any revision proposed by the client to the estimated delivery schedule shall be by mutual agreement. The agreement is deemed to include the aforesaid revised estimated delivery schedule.

Rate quote and payment procedures

The rates against delivering services will be as presented in AlbTranslations’ quotation.

The rate quote for clients not located in Albania is exclusive of any Value Added Tax (VAT) and other applicable taxes and duties, which the client shall not be additionally liable to remit to AlbTranslations services.

Payment(s) against language services stand due within forty-five (45) days from the issuance of the AlbTranslations invoice thereof.

Should the client fail to pay by the due date, then, without discrimination and grudges to any of discrete right or remedy, AlbTranslations, shall be at liberty:

To immediately terminate the contract and/or hang up further deliveries to the client;

To appropriate any payment remitted to account of AlbTranslations by the client against such language services (or any other genre of related services abounding under any other agreement

between AlbTranslations and the client) as AlbTranslations may rightly observe (irrespective of and not holding purported appropriation from client’s side); and

To challenge/charge the client’s concern (both before and after any imminent judgment) on the amount unpaid, at a rate comfortable and favorable to AlbTranslations, payable on the conclusion of service basis, until full payment is remitted to account of AlbTranslations.

Sensitive Information and Confidentiality

Sensitive information is information of a confidential or proprietary nature that could potentially expose the client to legal action, or information could have a potentially financial impact on the client, the person seeking language services, or another person or entity.

All forms of oral, written, visual sensitive information and other material in the form of files supplied to/obtained by AlbTranslations/client in wake of the contract, besides any sort of information relating to any innovation and improvement or advice provided by AlbTranslations will remain strictly confidential and shall only be divulged only if written understanding is entered between AlbTranslations and the client.