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Translating Subtitles

We see subtitles every day, most commonly on television and movie content. Multimedia content from a particular country is no longer restricted to its people. People from entirely different cultures and languages would take interest in it, often more than in the country of production. Subtitles are a significantly less expensive way of making them accessible to speakers of various languages compared to dubbing.

When applied to learning materials, source subtitling or transcription is a useful tool that enhances and reinforces the learning process. It also serves as an aid for those with hearing impairments, and is often required by hospitals and other health service institutions.

The primary challenge when translating subtitles is to adopt text that can be read easily at the proper speed along with what is being displayed in the video, with the length and order of wording in the translated sentence varying from language to language. Translators are aware of this unique requirement and adapt the translated content to synchronize precisely with the video, without negatively altering the accuracy and overall quality of the translation.

When subtitles need to be translated, a transcribed script of the audio may or may not be available. In this case, the narration will be transcribed and saved to a file before translation can begin.

AlbTranslations has been involved in a number of subtitle translation projects, both long term and short term. If you require subtitle translation services, we invite you try us, we promise you the most user friendly, high quality and affordable services. You can check the best language translation rate for your Albanian project right now by asking us for a free translation quote. If you have further queries or feedback please get in touch with us and we will get back to you shortly. We will comply with any individual client requests, customizing translation to fit your project needs – ensuring global success, greater market share, and increased user satisfaction. The video will undergo multiple rounds of quality assurance by our team in order to ensure the best overall quality prior to delivery.

We also perform quality checks to your already translated subtitles by a third party.